Full Name: William Clark Gable


1961 The Misfits

1960 It Started in Naples

1959 But Not for Me

1958 Run Silent, Run Deep

 Teacher's Pet

1957 Band of Angels

1956 The King and Four Queens

1955 Soldier of Fortune

 The Tall Men

1954 Betrayed

1953 Mogambo

 Never Let Me Go

1952 Lone Star

1951 Across the Wide Missouri

 Callaway Went Thataway

1950 Key to the City

 To Please a Lady

1949 Any Number Can Play

1948 Command Decision


1947 The Hucksters

1945 Adventure

1942 Somewhere I'll Find You

1941 Honky Tonk

 They Met in Bombay

1940 Strange Cargo

 Comrade X

 Boom Town

1939 Gone With the Wind

 Idiot's Delight

1938 Test Pilot

 Too Hot to Handle

1937 Saratoga


1936 San Francisco

 Wife vs. Secretary

 Love on the Run

 Cain and Mabel

1935 Mutiny on the Bounty

 After Office Hours

 Forsaking All Others

 The Call of the Wild

 China Seas

1934 It Happened One Night

 Men in White

 Manhattan Melodrama


1933 Night Flight

 Hold Your Man

 The White Sister

 The Lost Stooges

 Dancing Lady

1932 Hell Divers

 Polly of the Circus

 No Man of Her Own

 Red Dust

1931 The Painted Desert

 A Free Soul

 Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise

 The Secret Six

 Sporting Blood

 Dance Fools Dance

 Night Nurse

 The Possessed

 The Easiest Way

 The Finger Points

 Laughing Sinners

1925 The Plastic Age

 The Merry Widow

 The North Star

1924 Forbidden Paradise

 The Iron Horse

Born: February 1, 1901, Cadiz, Ohio, USA

Died: November 16, 1960 (aged 59),

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Resting place Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, CA

Known as "The King of Hollywood"

Acting Years: 1924–1960


Josephine Dillon - 1924-1930

Maria Langham - 1931-1939

Carole Lombard - 1939-1942

Sylvia Ashley - 1949-1952

Kay Williams - 1955-1960

Children 2: Judy Lewis

(born in 1935, Mother, Loretta Young)

John Clark Gable

(born in 1961, Mother, Kay Williams)


Kayley Gable (granddaughter),

Clark James Gable (grandson)

Military Career


United States Air Force

Years of Service


Rank: Major

Unit: 351st Bomb Group

Battles/wars: World War II

Military Awards

Distinguished Flying Cross

Air Medal

Academy Awards

Best Actor Nomination for Gone With the Wind - 1940

Best Actor Nomination for Mutiny on the Bounty - 1936

Best Actor Win for It Happened One Night - 1935

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